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     Mid-Autumn Festival, located in the Lunar August 15. Since ancient times it has many legends, the most famous of which the story of the Moon. However, many Taiwanese to celebrate this day by the founder of many activities, including eating grapefruit, moon cake and barbecue. In southern Taiwan, some people have the habit of eating mochi and hot pot.

     On this day, the custom of eating barbecue only in Taiwan, mainly by a commercial. Secondary, this time only eat moon cake. Some people might be hungry, so they baked meat to fill his stomach. But in recent years, many environmentalists have asked not to be outside barbecue. Some local governments have forbidden people barbecue in a public place. This is at least able to reduce air pollution.

     Whenever the Mid-Autumn Festival end, the most of people feel very happy to play. And they are looking forward to the arrival of the next year. Some people play to forget time. “What? Has Mid-Autumn Festival been finished? “